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Okay, I am over-the-moon excited about this. Paul and Jennifer will be playing Charles and Emma Darwin in the movie Creation. The script was written by John Colley, who also wrote the script for Master and
. Click here to read more!
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The Secret Life of Bees trailer is online! It looks like SUCH a good movie. Paul is in the trailer briefly, and I've put a couple of screencaps in the gallery.

While you're in the gallery, check out the first publicity still of Paul in the movie as well, if you haven't already. :D
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PBnet has been hacked. Doesn't look like anything serious, just a matter of the person adding a string of code to the end of every PHP file. Unfortunately, PBnet has a LOT of PHP files. :-/ So I'll be busy this morning re-downloading scripts, overwriting files, etc. *sigh*
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da trio


[16] Marat Safin
[7] Anastasia Myskina
[2] Mikhail Youzhny
[11] Maria Sharapova ( 2 feat. Ana Ivanovic)
[2] Dmitry Tursunov
[22] Ana Ivanovic ( 1 feat. Jelena Jankovic)
[6] Roger Federer
[10] Michelle Pfeiffer
[4] Jennifer Connelly
[3] Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany
[2] Marat Safin and Anastasia Myskina


Right here!
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New pictures of Paul are a little on the rare side at the moment, so as soon as a friend sent me these of Paul and the kids out and about, I just had to post them. Paul looks like one badass mofo rocker, and the kids are bundled up good! (Just check out those scarves.)


edit. Oops, I put all the big pictures behind the cut. Sorry, I didn't realize it was so big!
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Celebrity Baby Blog has two cute pictures of Paul, Jennifer, and a very tall and much older-looking Stellan. :D

I'm still working on the Wordpress problem. Rather wish I hadn't upgraded... Anyway, sorry for the downtime.
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If anyone's wondering why PBnet is down, it's because I upgraded Wordpress this morning and ran into technical difficulties with the old code. I'll get it sorted out soon, hopefully!