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Paul Bettany

Hi! I am new here and would like to share my lj entry about this brillant actor, Paul Bettany :)

I first saw him in Knight's Tale butt-naked as Geoffrey Chaucer, a writer in medieval times that is a gambler and helped Sir William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) reached his dreams as a Knight.

Second, he is Charles the imaginary friend of John Nash (Russell Crowe) in A Beautiful Mind. His portrayal is so real you would not really know that its only Nash who can see him.

Third, I saw the romantic side of him in Wimbledon as Peter Colt a tennis player who is getting old and trying to revive his career and finds love along the way.

Fourth, in Firewall I saw the other part of him the villain as Bill Cox who made the peaceful life of Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) miserable just because he needs an access to robbing a bank electronically.

And then there he goes again as Dustfinger in Inkheart who is both a villain and a hero in the film. A character of a book who comes out of it and live in our present time and doing all his best to get back in his time and be with his family.

Five times I watched him and everytime he amazes me with his portrayal of the character. It seems so natural to him. I even not noticed only last night that I like him, I like him as an actor. He is good! :)

Hope to watch more of him and his brillance :)
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