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New pictures of Paul are a little on the rare side at the moment, so as soon as a friend sent me these of Paul and the kids out and about, I just had to post them. Paul looks like one badass mofo rocker, and the kids are bundled up good! (Just check out those scarves.)

edit. Oops, I put all the big pictures behind the cut. Sorry, I didn't realize it was so big!
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I love seeing him with his kids! And he does look pretty damn badass.

If you don't mind, I'd like to post these on ohnotheydidnt, and I'll credit you for it.
He looks so badass and yet so sweet. It's like the best of both worlds! And actually, I do mind, I'm sorry. It's not you, really! A friend of mine got these for me, so I don't feel right posting them in so big a forum, you know?
Sho' thing! :)
Awwww, photos are great, and Stellan is adorable kid :D ♥
Thanks! Gosh, isn't he? He should have his own fan-following.
I also love to see him with the kids ♥ Especially love the last pic where he is smiling... aaw!

Thank you so much for sharing these. I missed seeing recent pics of Paul :D You have SO made my day ♥
It's quite a nice surprise to have one with just him and both boys! They obviously make him happy, and I get a little thrill in seeing how much they've grown. Look at that smile. I'm glad your day was made!
Yeah... I agree with you. And Stellan is getting so tall, and is looking a lot like Paul :) He has his cute eyes. That smile is absolutely gorgeous! Jennifer Connely is a very lucky woman. Indeed you did make my day... I was missing seeing pictures of Paul, and these are the best ones I've seen in a long time ♥

Oh... Happy New Year to you! :)
You know, a lot of people comment on how much Stellan looks like Jennifer and the other half will say he looks like Paul. I tend to think that he's such a pretty combination of both, you know? Basically Paul but refined by Jennifer's looks, if that makes any sense. Gosh, they're so striking. Have you seen pictures of Stellan standing next to his mother? She's not that short of a woman, but he's past her hip already! Jennifer really is unbelievably lucky.

And Happy New Year to you as well!

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He does! Making sure his baby brother knows to hold someone's hand when crossing the street. TOO cute.
*happy sigh* Precious.

(and my, doesn't Paul love to scowl at photographers? lol)
Mmmm, yes. And boy, does he ever? We'll just chalk it up to his wonderful protective instinct.

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Didn't notice those! The tags are probably leftover from a previous ski trip. A friend recognized it to be Fourth Street in NYC.
Lol, he looks so badass. Like..that's one person I would NOT bump into on a sidewalk. Without apologizing, at least.

And Stellen looks so much like Jennifer!
I am so late in responding. I wonder if Stellan got his hat and scarf from Russell Crowe. Those are the South Sydney Rabbitohs colors!